Craftybird’s travel plans

Craftybird’s travel plans

Here is a broad idea of our cruising plans for the next couple of months - which will give you an idea of where we plan to be and the general direction of travel.

As a Roving Canal Trader we are constantly on the move!

So its challenging to be accurate about our exact whereabouts until we arrive at a destination. There are lots of factors which can affect planning like availability of mooring spots, weather and condition of the canal system … there can be fallen trees or broken locks to contend with amongst other things!

Specific details about mooring locations are communicated separately on our Facebook and Instagram, along with lots of other stuff about what we’re up to.

Please do give us a follow and ‘like’ even if you can’t come and see us in person! It will mean a lot.

Hope to see you soon!

Sally and the Craftybird Crew 


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