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Wellyboot Windlass Holder

Wellyboot Windlass Holder

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The design of the Craftybird wellyboot windlass holder was born out of a need to carry a windlass without involving the need for a belt. It means that the windlass holder can be clipped in on jeans loops, or on a wellyboot windlass holder sling (sold separately). 

The advantage of clipping the holder onto an external item of clothing is that you don’t have to wear the windlass holder all of the time.

you can clip the windlass holder onto a dog lead or loop it over your belt.

It can also be used for tools, such as hammers.

There are a multitude of ways to carry a windlass when using the wellyboot windlass holder. 

For each purchase of a wellyboot windlass holder, Craftybird will make a donation to the Waterways Chaplains. An organisation that is dedicated to people who live on and use our rivers and canals. They have helped countless boaters and are able to offer real help and solutions for boaters in need.

By using old welly boots, we can also save them from landfill. Because this item is made from recycled material each one is different. Colours may vary depending on availability of material. Black or green is the most likely colour you will receive when ordering online.



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